Painless Childbirth


How would you like to give birth with an absolute minimum of discomfort and perhaps without even any pain at all?

Women in Western cultures have been led to believe that childbirth is a painful experience and that it may even rate as the most excruciating experience of their lives. Small children think that having a baby is an agonizing process lasting endless hours and accompanied by fierce labor pains. These beliefs have been passed on from generation to generation until it becomes accepted as a fact of life. Women expect pain during childbirth because they have been programmed to do so.

Most pain in our day-to-day life is pathological – it is a signal that something is wrong. But childbirth is not pathological; it is a normal process, the sensations during which are normal.

Nature did not design our bodies to trigger childbirth pain. The tremendous amount of learned fear and anticipation of pain makes us tighten and resist delivering the baby. This makes the whole process very painful.

Stories come to us from other cultures where women delivered babies with no apparent discomfort or pain. In China, pregnant women worked until birth in the rice paddies and would deliver their babies on the dike. After a short rest, they would give their newborns to a grandmotherly caretaker and get back to their work. When they were asked why they had no pain, these women replied that they were never told that delivering a baby was supposed to be painful. Why should it be? This example shows that this is true for many cultures around the world, but unfortunately not ours.

If a woman expects to have a loving, relaxing, gentle and beautiful experience during delivery, this is likely what she will experience.

False learned beliefs can be reprogrammed under hypnosis. The delivery will be enjoyable and comfortable, just the way it is meant to be. You will also learn how to instantly go into self-hypnosis and create mental anesthesia at will. This skill will be yours for the rest of your life.

With total control over your body, you can then be an active participant in the birth process, sending your baby love throughout the entire experience and enjoy every minute of it. Most women using hypnosis deliver their babies in less then 90 minutes and studies show that babies born this way are happier, cry less and have higher IQs.

If you are pregnant and wish to give birth with the help of self-hypnosis, you should ideally begin the course during the seventh month of pregnancy. However, if you are due in a just a few weeks, the process can be speeded up so that you may still enjoy a wonderful birthing experience.

If you have a birthing partner who will be present during the delivery, he or she will only be required to come to the fourth of the five-session course.

What a truly wonderful gift for mother and child.

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