There are two types of fear. One of them is learned and serves a useful purpose - such as the fear of touching a hot saucepan. As a child, you learned that you might get burned or hurt if you touched it. The other type of fear is by no means useful; rather, it is considered irrational and called a phobia.


A phobia is an excessive, irrational and persistent fear of an object or a situation. Such a fear persists in the subconscious mind where it remains stuck, so to speak. Since hypnosis is the most direct access to the subconscious mind, it can also serve as the perfect tool to disarm this irrational fear.

The goal in hypnotherapy is to discover the cause(s) and desensitize the client from the fear.

One of the most difficult aspects of such an irrational fear is that others don’t take it seriously. In social situations you may blush, shake, tremble, sweat, feel your heart pound or your stomach turn. If you do tell someone about it, they may well be unsympathetic and tell you to simply snap out of it or pull yourself together.

Typical phobias include fear of dogs, flying, elevators, closed-in places , spiders and needles. Other phobias are more complex. The phobia may not be the real problem but rather a symptom of some deeper unresolved issues.

There is often a strong emotional component related to the phobia, as in the case of a school phobia. The pupil does not fear the school or his classmates, but rather fears that during his absence from home, a parent or sibling could die. In such a case, the underlying emotional issue needs to be addressed and resolved in order to completely clear the phobia.

In both situations, hypnotherapy can effectively treat the phobic response in a few sessions.

Help is at hand. Find out how you can disarm that very distressing feeling.

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