Weigth Program

Studies show that at any given time, as many as one in three are on a diet, with over half having dieted at some time or another.

Weight Loss lane

We tend to overeat for emotional reasons or out of habit to satisfy our minds rather than because we need the food to survive. It may also be that we eat out of boredom or when stressed. Many also consider that since they eat healthy food, this is OK, but eating too much will definitely keep the fat on!

Those who successfully and permanently lose weight are usually those who manage to change the way they appreciate food. They learn to respect food and themselves, and thereby alter their entire eating pattern.

While dieting alone can help you lose weight, once the diet ends, the weight can and often does, creep back.  There is no successful long-term weight loss without addressing the overeating habit.

This is why hypnotherapy helps, you can shift your eating habits to healthy foods, get onto an exercise program, and develop a balanced perception of food and your body.

During hypnotherapy sessions the emotional and habitual reasons that sabotage your weight loss attempts will be addressed. You will build self-esteem and develop greater awareness of your body.

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