Soul Retrieval

Soul loss and energy work


Soul loss is the most common source of depression, illness as well as a variety of emotional disorders.

When trauma or unbearable pain or grief has been experienced the soul may be driven from the body and stay stuck in a “no-man's-land”. The soul may also depart through substance abuse or trauma like a shock or an accident.

Soul loss can also happen when a relationship breaks up and or when we lose a loved one.


General symptoms that indicate a possible soul loss :

·      not being the same person since the trauma (a feeling that something is different)

·      trauma experienced in life that still seems very emotional

·      traumas that replay in the head over and over like a broken disc

·      addictions (drugs, food, alcohol etc.)

·      emotional numbness

·      anxiety

·      panic attacks

·      depression

·      lack of energy

·      weak immune system

·      misfortune in life (repeated as if a cast was spelt)

·      feeling stuck

 A soul retrieval is a process that brings back your souls energy and make it complete again.

Sometimes a souls energy gets lost for a very brief moment and then comes back on their own. An example might be, when you are involved in a small accident and you feel as if you have watched the accident happen. But later, once the emotions have calmed down, you feel ok again. However help is needed when the soul can’t or does not want to come back.

 The therapist retrieves the soul with their intention through energy work or also called shamanic rituals. While some people need a few sessions to feel the changes from the soul retrieval others, with deep wounded souls may need more. A combination of hypnosis and regression might be needed to fully integrate the changes.

The integration process of the client after the session is important. You might be given some suggestions of what needs to be done to complete the process.

In general, I suggest between 3-4 sessions, which will include energy session and one or several soul retrievals if needed.

 At the beginning of the session, I gather the information to understand what needs to be done in order to help you. Then you will be lying down on a massage table and I will get into an altered state connect myself to your soul. I will stay physically connected to you by lightly touching your head.


Once the energy work and soul retrieval is done, I give you a reading of the session. This part is as important as the actual energy work and the retrieval.

It is utmost important to do the whole work and not only the soul retrieval. The energy work may include, the release of souls to whom you have held on to, energy release, cord cutting and clearing and of course healing of your energy field.

A word on soul stealing or holding on to another soul; it usually happens when you are emotionally hurt and wounded and cannot forgive. At that point you may steal the soul or rather part of the soul from another. The other will feel the loss of power but will most likely not know why.

Often this is seen in divorce or relationship break ups and or abuse be it sexual or physical. If this happens, often people feel that they are not free and that something is wrong.

The person, who has stolen a part of the soul, may have feelings of anger, grief, sadness or even depression. In this case you will be urged to work on forgiveness. It s a process, so you will not be forced to forgive if you are not ready to do so!


Soul retrieval and children

A child may lose its soul equally like an adult during a traumatic experience. It could be something that is traumatic in his eyes but not necessarily in the eyes of an adult.

Depending on the age of the child, the soul retrieval can either be done through the mother or by distance energy work.


Distance soul retrieval

Although I prefer to do the work in person, I can if necessary perform the work from a distance.  But whenever possible its best to come and see me in person.

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